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Nikol Gobersicova

Pozitivní: Hodnota, Kvalita, Profesionalita, Rychlost odpovědi

Objednala som si anjela, je nádherný, krásne zabalený a veľmi ma potešil darček. Vyčaril mi úsmev na tvári a veľmi potešil. Dodanie veľmi rýchle. Určite som neobjednala naposledy. Ďakujem a prajem Vám všetkým krásne sviatky a všetko dobré do Nového roka #SM22##SM22##SR04#

Leona Krejčí

Pozitivní: Kvalita, Profesionalita

Jsem velice spokojená. Šperk je nádherný . Dodání rychle a vse krásné zabalené. Prostě super. Určitě to nebyl poslední nákup. Moc děkuji a přeji krásné svátky

Dalibor Doucha

Pozitivní: Hodnota, Kvalita, Profesionalita, Rychlost odpovědi

Velmi rychla, prijemna komunikace a profesionalni pristup. Vyrobek kvalitni, hezky zabaleny i s certifikatem a velmi pekny. DOPORUČUJI FIRMU FABOS, s.r.o. VŘELE VŠEM.


to the whole world

Bohemian jewelry manufacturer

The family company FABOS is a Bohemian jewelry manufacturer from Jablonec nad Nisou. It is here, in the heart of the Jizera Mountains, which are an integral part of the fairytale Crystal Valley, that handcrafted jewelery decorated with Czech crystals is created.

We continue the local long tradition of production and have been operating on the market for more than 30 years. We are the largest Czech manufacturer of jewelry and costume jewelry components. Our team consists of top employees who come up with new and charming jewelry for you for every occasion, pay attention to the high quality of all our products and a personal approach for our customers. We make all the products by hand and give them the love and care they deserve so that they can decorate the world together with you.

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Own materials

Thanks to the careful selection of all materials used, you do not have to worry about unpleasant experiences with our products. In the production of jewelry, we use proven and non-hazardous alloys of copper and zinc or brass. The chains are then made of surgical steel. These materials do not rust, blacken and are hypoallergenic. In addition, our products do not contain lead, nickel or cadmium - substances that cause most allergic reactions. We have 100% control over the materials used, because all production takes place under our roof. So you can wear your favorite piece every day.


Are you looking for jewelry that you will proudly wear every day, or perhaps something special that will make you shine at social events? Our designers not only create jewelry according to the latest fashion, they can also perfectly capture the timelessness or memory of years past. You can choose a piece that perfectly reflects today's world, or bet on the ageless delicate beauty according to the patterns of traditional Jablonec jewelery. However, the design itself is only an imaginary starting line. Before the jewelry reaches its owner, it goes through our entire company, where it gets into the skillful hands of individual workers. They create a real work of art with the help of various techniques.


The surface finish determines the visual appearance of the jewelry, but it also gives it properties that make it possible to wear it, for example, every day. Galvanization is a process in which, with the help of an electric current, each product is permanently covered with a thin layer of another metal. We mainly use 24 carat gold and platinum for these purposes. Thanks to this treatment, the jewelry is shiny, more durable and also hypoallergenic. Unlike lower quality jewelery or silver, galvanized products do not blacken. If you take good care of your jewelry, it will last you longer than cheap replacements.


Crystal Valley is a unique project that unites artists, designers, jewelry makers, glassmakers, schools and museums. And why the Crystal Valley? Let's take a look at the map together ... Lusatian Mountains, Giant Mountains, Macha Area, Bohemian Paradise and last but not least our home - Jizera Mountains. Areas in the north of Bohemia, which are the cradle of Czech crystal, jewelery, in short, the glass industry in Bohemia. And it is here that you will find all those who share a love for this tradition and thanks to whom we can surround ourselves with unique glass products known all over the world.


Our products are packed in gift boxes, which are equipped with a foam part for a perfect protection of the jewellery. The packaging contains a FABOS certificate of authenticity and care instructions.


Česká republika

ČESKÁ POŠTA - Do ruky 50 Kč ČESKÁ POŠTA - Dobírka 104 Kč DPD - Balík do ruky 97 Kč DPD - Dobírka 151 Kč Zdarma od (nikoliv dobírka) 1000 Kč


POŠTA - Balík do ruky 5,6 € POŠTA - Dobírka 7,9 € DPD - Balík do ruky 5,8 € DPD - Dobírka 8,1 € Zdarma od (nikoliv dobírka) 40 €

Evropská unie

DHL - Expres balík do ruky 645 Kč



„Our jewellery pieces reflect our handwork, the tradition and newest trends.“

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